Lotería Mexicana

Illustrations made for Imaginantes project

Lotería Mexicana
Imaginantes Illustrations
I have the opportunity to create the illustrations for another story of the Imaginantes animation series from Televisa.
In this time, my role was only the do the illustration doing almost 40 different illustration designs.
This story is about the Mexican Lottery, a game where the rules are more less like the bingo game, where some one picks a card from the deck, show it for the players, and instead putting  a mark whit a pen when you have one of it on your card game, the players use beans. The Mexican Lottery uses different images on the cards, like "the hand"  la mano , "the hammer" el martillo , "the watermelon" la sandía etc.

The animation of this story its almost finished,  meanwhile I  want to post this sneak peek of it.
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