Diego Huacuja T. "deachete". His main line of work is illustration and animation.
Since 2010 he has been running Basa, an animation studio in Mexico City,
crafting a strong design and animation style for national and international clients.
His award-winning work has been recognized individually and collectively in national
and international design and animation festivals like Promax BDA, New
York Film Festival, Siggraph, Festival de Cine Contemporáneo de México
(FICCO, 2008), Animacor, Telly Awards, SXSW Film Design Awards, Cut Out
Fest. There have also been various acknowledgements and publications of his
illustrated work in Mexico, United States, China and Lithuania, among others.
During his childhood he obtained a sizeable amount of recognition for his artistic
work from his aunts and kindergarten teachers who would give him “excellent
little bee” stamps in multiple occasions.
Diego Huacuja’s frustrated dreams have become a source of inspiration for the
animations and illustrations that decorate his living room.